All 3 puppies are girls.  This is Twister's last EVER litter!!  They are CKC Registered.  They are also started on dewormer already and will get their first puppy shot before going to their new homes.  

$350 each

Located in La Pryor, TX.

Continental Kennel Club
CKC #: AC-04002138    
Breed:  Australian Cattle Dog

Twister is my female.  She has been a wonderful dog for my family.  She is great with my kids and is very protective.  She has not been used for working cattle, but has been used several times to track deer and hogs on the ranch.  She doesn't have the nose that our Blue Lacy has, but she has found the deer or hog every time!  

Continental Kennel Club
CKC #: AC-04513058
Breed:  Australian Cattle Dog

Cowboy is my male.  He is super sweet, but very protective of our family and the truck.  He is a great guard dog.  


Zip is a sweet girl.  She is a daughter to Twister and Cowboy.  She is built like Twister and is darker than her Daddy.   Total love bug!

CKC Registered 


He is a red heeler.  Very friendly and great with kids.  He loves to be loved on and wants to be with people.  He is very protective of our yard, but will chill out if we are there and he knows there is no threat.